Saturday, March 18, 2017

Cabins - 14x28 Lofted Cabin Shell - Afforable Prices at Wolfvalley Buildings!

14'x28' Lofted Cabin shell, Barn, portable storage shed, portable buildings. 

Cash or Rent to Own Purchase. 90 Days Same as Cash. (Early payoff discount any time) on Rent to own
Cash Purchase Price $9,600.00
Tax: $648.00
Total: $10,248.00

Monthly on 36 Mo $444.44
Down payment. $972.12

Monthly on 60 Mo $355.69
Total down payment. $779.96

Financing available with 620 credit. 

Call Today for more Info! 682-233-3085 -------- AND ------ A Free Delivery!!

Standard ​Features.
​-Notched 4"x 6" Treated Skids Full length of building for maximum strength. 
-2"x 6" (10' wide and above) Treated Floor joist 16" O/C
-3/4" Plywood floor.
-​2"x4" Wall studs 16" O/C
-50 year 4'x 8' LP Smart panel siding.
-Caulked Nail holes on siding.
-Natural wood Stain sealer or
-Sherwin Williams 25 yr Super paint /choose colors.
-Double 36" wood doors with Keyed Latch. 
-2"x 6" (on 14' wide and above) Steel plated Roof trusses 2' O/C.
-​Full Loft with middle access. 
-Radiant Barrier back sheeting.
-Eve & Gable Overhang. 
-Vented ridge and Vented Gables for max ventilation. 
-30 year Dimensional Shingle or 30 year Metal roofing/choose color.
-Factory direct free delivery.
-We use tilt trailer and Mule Tractor so we only need 2' wider than width of building access to be able to deliver it for free. 
-If Standard delivery is not possible we can build on site. 

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